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A couple who hunt for ghosts say they were ‘shocked’ when voices from the beyond could be heard saying ‘You b’ on a recording.

Husband and wife Lee, 55, and Linzi Steer, 52, from Rotherham, stayed at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool – named as ‘the UK’s most-haunted hotel’ – on June 22nd in search of spirits, according to Liverpool Echo.

The couple created a Facebook page called ‘Ghosts of Britain’ which has more than 1.8 million followers.

They booked the hotel’s room 105 which they were told had seen ‘paranormal activity’ before.

But when they used a machine to try to communicate with ghosts they were shocked to hear the foul- mouthed message from the other side.

They also claim to have seen the shadows of two spooky children.

“We asked if there were any spirits present and didn’t really get a response”, said Mrs Steer.

“But after I asked what their names were we heard somebody say ‘You b’ to us.

“We’ve never heard anyone say anything like this to us before. Most of the time they tell us or don’t speak at all.”

The couple say they also witnessed other ‘paranormal’ goings on at the hotel.

For example, they saw the lifts moving and doors opening without anyone operating them.

They also heard whistling and scratching noises, and say the temperature in their room changed by ten degrees in seconds.

Mr Steer said: “They never did anything that we asked them to do, it was always in their own time.

“We placed machines around the room we were staying in and they would wait until we weren’t expecting it to touch the machines.”

Mrs Steer added: “In our room itself there was a little entry area and then the door into the room and the bathroom.

“Lee said he closed the door when he came in but on three occasions the door ended up being wide open.”

Another strange event was spotted after their trip by a fan.

The couple broadcast their ghost hunting expedition on Facebook Live so people can follow from home.

Mrs Steer was alerted on social media to what looked like silhouettes of two children in their video.

She said: “To me it looks like two children and I feel like one of them is a girl.

“It reminded me of the twins out of The Shining.”

While in Liverpool the Steers also visited The Beatles Story exhibition and the former home of Beatle John Lennon.