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A man has revealed how his wife accused him of “ruining” her pregnancy announcement.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man, 30, said that he and his wife, 26, have been trying for a baby for the last nine months, with no luck.

Worried that there was a problem that was preventing them from conceiving, they sought out medical advice but were told to be patient.

“The issue is that my wife kept joking about this matter and pranked me twice by lying to me saying she was pregnant,” he revealed.

The first time was when he was at work – she sent him a text saying she was pregnant.

He said: “I was so happy I came home and brought stuff with me to celebrate only to find her laughing in my face saying it was a prank.”

The second time she pranked him, she recorded his reaction and showed her family.

“I told her I didn’t appreciate how she laughs about a serious matter then having me believe it was true only to ruin my happiness – she stopped for 2 months,” the man added.

Sharing his story on Reddit, he continued: “Last night we were at my parent’s house sitting having dinner when she said she had a gift for me. She had my sister go bring a small teddy bear with a note on it and gave it to me. I was nervous and worried about her pulling some of her pranks on me in front of my family. I read the note that the teddy bear had and it said that I was going to be a daddy.

“I looked at my wife and she smiled at me and congratulated me saying she was pregnant. I saw red completely. I said that’s it! I got up from my seat and tossed the piece of paper on the table and just snapped telling her to stop making fun of something so serious and sensitive.

“I told her I was done with her lack of respect and sympathy for the most important thing that I’ve been struggling with and to include my parents in her prank too was low. My wife excused herself to the bathroom.”

His mum and dad, who were unaware of what was happening, were understandably stunned by his reaction.

“My sister said my wife was actually pregnant and just confirmed by tests that she’s seen with her own eyes,” he continued.

“I felt both happy and devastated because I thought she was pulling the same prank again and I got fed up with it.

“My wife was mad and argued with me in the car saying I ruined her joy and made her look awful in front of my family as well as lashing out at her as my reaction to the happy news.

“She said she told me in front of my parents to show me she was serious this time. She had her mom call to berate me and said her poor daughter will suffer with my boorish behaviour and lack of respect for her. My wife has been giving the cold shoulder ever since.

“She told me I ruined the moment she’s been waiting for so long for and that she’ll remember my reaction for the rest of her life.”

After sharing his story online, Reddit users urged him to divorce her for being so “manipulative.”

One person said: “She ruined it for them both because after she pranked him, not once but TWICE, there was no way he would be able to know if she was telling the truth or not, and any announcement she made would be tainted by the anxiety SHE caused.

“Your wife is being very manipulative. The audacity of her to blame you for ruining this experience for her!”

Another said: “Why did you marry this person? She’s small-minded and toxic. She has all the makings of a terrible parent. Get out! Please don’t make any more people with this person.”

A third commented: “A copy of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ would make an excellent baby shower gift, come to think of it…”

Whilst someone else wondered whether her pranks were “some weird coping mechanism,” as they said: “Like, she gets her hopes up every month, she doesn’t get the second line on the pee stick, she outsources her sadness and frustration by ‘pranking’ him. The only way I can wrap my head around the cruelty.”