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If you had a row about steak alternatives on your Bingo card for 2021, it’s your lucky day.

A chef has sparked an almighty row after suggesting people try a ‘bread steak’.

It consists of a “parmesan-crusted chunk of pan-roasted sourdough”, which translates as posh cheese on toast.

The invention went viral after food website Basically shared a photo on their Instagram, leaving to a slew of hilarious comments.

The post said: “When @davidtamarkin stopped eating steak, he still craved a slab of something lavish at the center of his plate—and a cauliflower “steak” just wasn’t going to cut it.

“Enter: The Bread Steak. It’s a parmesan-crusted chunk of pan-roasted sourdough that’s decadent, fatty, salty, and (if you do it right) downright meaty.”

One critic commented: “A bread steak. A lettuce steak. A cauliflower steak. None of them are steak.”

Another joked: “Y’all are really trying to convince people that cheesy bread tastes like steak…. thank you for starting my day off with a laugh.”

“Petition to ban the word “ bread steak” from ever being said again. #itstoast,” argued another.

On Twitter, another added: “It sounds like very delicious toast but it is not a steak! there are so many meat alternatives out there now, just buy one of those if you want a steak!!”

But one person was a fan, adding: “Toast is life though. I’d take that over a steak any day of the week. Probably go for something tomatoey on it rather than peas (?!)”

Another asked: “Why would bread steak be your faux meat cheese on toast go to when Welsh Rarebit is right there?”